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Given the laws change from State to State, ensure the State noted above is where you need the document prepared for. You can choose the type of field of law you need help with on the left or if you know what you want, just use the search bar.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for Multiple Parties - Mutual (NDA)

When entering into discussions with another person about an idea you have, or perhaps when selling your business, or engaging someone to coach you in your business, you need to ensure you're protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets.Thi...

Consent to Photos (no payment) - People

This is a consent form in a Deed format - it is only one page long.  It may be used by a Service Provider who wants to take before and after photos, where the person being photographed is giving the right for their pictures to be used and are no...

Deed of Understanding - Model Release

A Model Release is used where a person is agreeing to provide personal services as a model to a beauty, hair, nails, fashion, lashes or other good and service based business in exchange for provision of the services but generally no money changes han...

Simple Loan Agreement - for lending money

You can use this simple loan agreement for any type of loan from one person or entity to another person or entity.  It covers the important items like the amount of the loan;  the interest rate and any default interest rate that might apply...

Reseller License Agreement

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