Law On Earth for Advisors

There are loads of features and benefits of being an advisor on Law On Earth platform. Let’s go through each one.

Free Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a free resource for thousands of frequently asked questions around business, family law, property law, trademarks, patents, wills and estates, powers of attorney, divorce, capital raising and much more. It is geo-tagged which means the search results that appear will be only those that are relevant to the customer’s area, so they don’t see the law of another area that’s not relevant to their situation or question.

The articles in the Learning Centre are kept up to date and contributed by lawyers, accountants, financial planners, patent attorneys and other professionals. This means that you can prepare material to be loaded into the Learning Centre as a way of doing your bit to support the social justice issue, and also to market your expertise to the public, so they will choose you to give their video advice and review their documents.

Guides for DIY

The DIY Guides are perfect for those who want to manage their own situation at minimal cost. In each guide, the customer gets:

  • a simple step by step explanation of what information they will need
  • which documents to complete in the platform
  • likely timeframes for each step
  • the government and court fees to be paid and how to pay them, and
  • any tips or tricks to watch for.

We have general guides on how to administer an estate, how to get divorced, how to sell your property, how to start a business and many more. And if they still need extra help, they will then book an Advice Session with an Advisor, perhaps you. You will be able to review the forms and documents they’ve completed and provided advise specific to their situation, knowing they have a clear path already for how to complete their transaction.

Create Documents

The Document Wizard makes it super easy for customers to create the document they need by answering practical questions about their situation and what they want. You can then guide the customer to answer questions differently based on your advice, and you can redraft clauses or add in new clauses to perfect their agreements during your video advice session. The created documents will be provided in Word format so drafting will be a breeze.

Human Guides

The Human Guides give the customer the ability to understand each clause in their agreement, which cuts down on your time having to explain each section. You can then focus on giving advice specific to their situation now that they have a basic understanding of how the document works and why each clause is necessary. You get to be the expert when they have a basic knowledge already, and that’s an easier and more valuable conversation than teaching the basics.

Video Sessions

The customers get to choose which advisor they would like the advice from, and it might be someone they found in the Learning Centre articles and videos. So to be chosen for more video sessions, it is beneficial to contribute to the Leaning Centre so that your name comes up more frequently as a potential Advisor for customers.

The system will automatically suggest 5 Advisors who are currently online, based on the type of question the client is seeking advice on, and their location. You can provide advise at any time that suits you – perhaps you have busy days and just want to advise at night time. This is all completely up to you – so long as there are customers needing help, you’ll be there to be chosen as their Advisor.

Reviewing your video sessions

You have access to any video advise sessions you were involved in, so that at all times you have a record of each customer you’ve helped and what advise you gave. This is particularly helpful when you have an ongoing customer and you want to refresh your mind on what advise you gave last time.

Easy Payments and invoicing

Customers will have complete control over their own legal costs given the advice sessions are fixed fee and paid upfront and then released to you at the end of each pay cycle. If for some reason your video advice session needs to be cancelled after the customer has paid and booked it in, an automatic refund can be generated by the system direct to their card, or they can choose a different advisor if it is urgent. Your Statements for each pay cycle are stored in your Dashboard so that when tax time comes around, you know just where to go.

Chatbot Guidance

Clients are equipped with simple guidance through the platform by the chatbot 24/7, so by the time they book in a video advice session with you, they should have some understanding of their position and next steps, possibly have created the correct document, and just need your legal advice on their specific situation and to review the document they’ve created.

Transparency for advisors

Ever had a client meeting and covered a lot of material, but then had to go over it several times for the client as they just couldn’t remember it all? That’s normal – there’s only so much data our brains can hold in one sitting. As the advice sessions are recorded, the customer can watch the video sessions over and over again to get the most out of all of the advice without having to ask you several times about stuff you have already advised on.

Having the video sessions, chat function and document uploaded for Advisors recorded, provides a high level of transparency of the advice given, so if you ever need to look at the advice again, its easily retrievable. This allows you to easily provide a copy of the advice to your professional indemnity insurer if there were ever an issue, rather than engaging in a long winded and expensive process of trying to determine what happened.

Work anytime from any location with internet

Perhaps you’re a parent who wants to work from home, or perhaps you just want to travel the world and only work a few hours a day? Maybe you’re in a remote location or living on your boat in paradise. Your location doesn’t restrict your ability to provide advice and earn a good income, so long as you have access to the internet.

No chasing fees from clients or bookwork

A common complaint of law firms is the amount of time spent doing bookkeeping and chasing clients for payment. Using the platform, you no longer need to do any bookkeeping as it is all done automatically, and you can send information to your accountant direct from your Dashboard. No more chasing clients for payment as they pay upfront before booking your time. The fees payable to you are automatically transferred to your account at the end of each pay cycle along with a statement detailing each session you provided and the breakdown of all amounts and tax. There’s no trust accounting, no handling of client money at all as the client is in total control of their own costs.

Register as Advisor

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