Law On Earth for Clients

There are loads of features and benefits of being a member of Law On Earth platform. Let’s go through each one.

Free Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is your free resource for thousands of frequently asked questions around business, family law, property law, trademarks, patents, wills and estates, powers of attorney, divorce, capital raising and much more. It is geo-tagged which means the search results that appear will be only those that are relevant to your area, so you don’t see the law of another area that’s not relevant to your situation or question.

The articles in the Learning Centre are kept up to date and contributed by lawyers, accountants, financial planners, patent attorneys and other professionals. You can then book advice sessions with that Advisor to discuss your situation further in two easy steps.

Why go to Google and risk whether the information is up to date or relevant for your issue, when you can access expert guidance specific to your issue at no cost. It’s our way of providing basic legal education to every Australia no matter what they earn or where they live.

Guides for DIY

The DIY Guides are perfect for those who want to manage their own situation at minimal cost. In each guide, you’ll get:

  • a simple step by step explanation of what information you will need
  • which documents to complete in the platform
  • likely timeframes for each step
  • the government and court fees you’ll need to pay and how to pay them, and
  • any tips or tricks to watch for.

We have general guides on how to administer an estate, how to get divorced, how to sell your property, how to start a business and many more. And if you still need extra help, just book an Advice Session to get advice specific to you. Your Advisor can amend your documents during your Advice Session too, so it’s money well spent.

Create Documents

You can create documents perfect for your situation by answering the questions in the Wizard. The Wizard will choose the correct clauses to go into the document to suit your situation, ensure the correct laws are applied, and then provide you with your very own legal document PLUS the Human Guide which comes with it so you will have a full understanding of every clause in that agreement in plain and simple English.

You can also create court documents, complete government forms and even negotiate your shareholders agreement between your business partners, all using the Wizard.

Human Guides

The Human Guides are the simple English version of the document you have completed or created using the Wizard. Whenever you answer a question differently with the Wizard, the Human Guide will be regenerated to ensure that new clause is explained in simple language in your Human Guide.

In fact, the Human Guides are so helpful, you may want to use the Human Guide each time you refer to what you can and cannot do within your agreements. This may save you a lot of time and stress as you will finally feel in control of your own agreements and they will truly reflect how you like to operate your business and life. No more mumbo jumbo legal clauses confusing us all.

Video Sessions

Need advice but don’t want to risk calling a lawyer and getting a $600 bill for a 20-minute phone call? That’s where our Advice Sessions come in super handy. You can engage a lawyer, accountant or financial planner for a 20-minute session or a 45-minute session for a more in-depth discussion and pay just a fixed fee with no hidden costs.

You’ll get to choose which advisor you would like the advice from, and it might be someone you found in the Learning Centre articles and videos. The advisor can help you redraft parts of your documents and give you specific advice for your situation. And best of all, each advisor must have their own professional indemnity insurance, which means you are covered if the advise provided turns out to be poor advice which causes you loss.

Reviewing your video sessions

If you’ve ever had to see a lawyer before, you’ll understand that often they need to give you a lot of information, and it’s not easy to remember absolutely everything said. The beauty of the Law On Earth platform is that the advice video sessions are recorded, then encrypted for your own security, and stored on your dashboard so that by using your secure password, you can watch your videos time and time again. This way, you can rest easy knowing that no one but you and your advisor has access to your video session, but you can also check the advice given. You can also prove the advice provided if you ever had any issues down the track with negligent advice, so that you can potentially make a claim on that advisor’s professional indemnity insurance.

The LOE system is far safer than traditional methods of giving advice which is generally provided in person or on the phone (so there is no way of capturing everything said) and then emailed to you in a letter, which can easily be intercepted by a third party. And then if there is a dispute, the traditional style of law would require you to prove what advise was given to you, which you could only do with the written letter, not the verbal advice; whereas the LOE system would allow you to provide consent to release the full recording of the advice given, which cannot be denied.

Easy Payments and invoicing

Not only do you have complete control over your legal costs given the advice sessions are fixed fee and paid upfront, but if for some reason your video advice session needs to be cancelled after you have paid and booked it in, an automatic refund can be generated by the system direct to your card. Also, your invoices for legal advice are stored in your Dashboard so that when tax time comes around, you know just where to go for those tax deductions. And best of all, you can use several different payments methods, so that you don’t need a credit card.

Chatbot Guidance

Laying awake at night worrying about your situation – why not get online and solve the problem right then and there. By using the chatbots for guidance, you can get assistance 24/7 so you choose the time of day or night that works best for you when using the platform. You can also get the Chatbot to email you the chat script so you don’t miss anything.

Find Advisors near you

We take particular care of making sure you have easy access to the most relevant advisor for your situation and location. So the system will automatically provide you with the details of the best positioned advisor for you. If you want a specific advisor, you can also do a search in the system, and invite them to joint as an advisor if they’re not already set up.

Geo-tagging to ensure you’re seeing the right information for your location

Most people tend to ask Google for the answers to their important legal questions. While this can be handy, generally you have no way of knowing if that advise is relevant to your location or your situation, so you could be doing yourself a lot of harm. The LOE platform is filled with the correct general advice on each topic of law, and only the articles which are relevant to your location will be shown unless you specifically ask for information in another State of Australia.

Insurance cover for your advice

Each Advisor in the platform has been Accredited with us, which means they have been personally interviewed by a member of our team, have at least 3 years of experience in their field, have their own professional indemnity insurance for any advice they give, and have signed an agreement with us to comply with the rules of being an Advisor.

For you, this means that any advice you receive from an Advisor is covered with their professional indemnity insurance. Given the advice video sessions are recorded, encrypted and stored in the blockchain, there is a very secure way for you to access your video in the event the advice given caused you loss. This makes it easy for the insurance company to see exactly what happened to deal with the matter quickly and with minimal cost.

Transparency for customer

Ever had a meeting with your lawyer and not remembered half the things they said? That’s normal – it happens to all of us. But now you can watch the video sessions over and over again to get the most out of all of the advice in the comfort of your own home. Having the video sessions, chat function and document upload for Advisors recorded provided a high level of transparency of the advice given, so if you ever need to look at the advice again, its easily retrievable.

Get advice and create documents anytime from any location with internet

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who travels the world, or maybe you’re in a remote location or living on your boat in paradise. Your location doesn’t restrict your ability to get advice or create documents, so long as you have access to the internet.

Upgrade now for premium benefits which could save you thousands, especially for business owners! The Premium membership pays for itself with just one video advice session.