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Buying a Business with a Registered Trade Mark

Buying a Business with a Registered Trade Mark. As you grow your business, you may look to purchasing another already established business to expand your services and customer reach. However, if you choose to purchase another business, you will...

What is a Trade Mark?

What is a Trade Mark?In basic terms, a trade mark provides it’s registered owner with the exclusive right to use their trade mark or authorise another person or business to use their trade mark, in relation to the goods and services that it has been...

Business Structures Comparison

When structuring (or restructuring) a business, this table can help compare the different types of business entities and how they weigh up against each other. There are also some tips on restructuring, including how best to handle contracts and accou...

Due Diligence Checklist

If you’re buying or selling an established business, or thinking now is the time to seek investment for your business, there are many things to consider. With this due diligence checklist, you can conduct a comprehensive appraisal of the business to...

Guide to Cancelling Units and Issuing New Units In a Unit Trust

This guide is useful where you want to avoid transferring units and prefer to cancel them and then issue new units. It is always wise to get accounting advice, unless you are actually an accountant and know what you’re doing already!

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