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Reducing Your Company's Shares - What You Need To Know

If you have recently used our Minutes of Meetings - Special Resolution - Selective Reduction of Shares - Cancelling Share Classes document, you may be wondering what your next steps need to be to finalise this change with ASIC. In today's article we...

Companies – Incorporation to Deregistration

This 20 page Premium Guide will explain the different types of Companies, the registration process, next steps after registration, how to get a ABN and what a Common Seal is. We will also discuss costs in running a Company, how to use ASIC Connect an...

10 things to watch for in Disclosure

So you’re keen on a franchise and have started the application process and engaged a franchising lawyer to review everything, but what should you be looking for in the Disclosure Document? Let’s look at the top 10 things to watch for:(1) Franchisor’...

Why does the Franchisor want me to sign a General Security Agreement?

In franchising, you will find that it is standard practice for the franchise agreement to provide the Franchisor the right to register on the Personal Property Security Register which you can find at The security interest that will...

Restraint Clauses


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