How to Join

Tired of working 12+ hour days in the city? Want to spend more time at home with your family, or perhaps travel the world, but still make the same salary you’re on now? LOE is the answer.

As an advisor, you can do as many or as few recorded video sessions as you want each day – whether that be week days or weekend, day time or night time. You will be paid a fixed rate per video session and for many lawyers, this will be 2-4 times their current hourly rate working for someone else. Best of all, you don’t have any marketing or accounting to do – the system does it all for you – you just do the video sessions and help our customers.

Retirements to be an Advisor:

  • (1) Minimum of 3 years’ experience;
  • (2) Hold an unrestricted practicing certificate;
  • (3) Have your own professional indemnity insurance, or be covered by your employer’s insurance; and
  • (4) Be accredited by us to work as an Advisor.

The Accreditation process is simple:

  • you apply below and upload a copy of your resume, practicing certificate
  • we arrange a video interview with you
  • you read and sign our terms and conditions and watch the getting started video
  • we provide you with access to your Advisor profile.

Once Accredited, you’re entitled to submit articles to us for upload into the Learning Centre, so that the rest of Australia sees you as an expert in your field and may well search specifically for you as their Advisor. You can notify us at any time to remove the article or change it with an updated version. There is no limit to the number of articles you can provide – the more the better for your searchability and the greater good you are doing for all Australians who need help.