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Buying a Business with a Registered Trade Mark

Buying a Business with a Registered Trade Mark. As you grow your business, you may look to purchasing another already established business to expand your services and customer reach. However, if you choose to purchase another business, you will...

What is a Trade Mark?

What is a Trade Mark?In basic terms, a trade mark provides it’s registered owner with the exclusive right to use their trade mark or authorise another person or business to use their trade mark, in relation to the goods and services that it has been...

Unofficial Trade Mark Invoices (Scams) - IP Australia

Be aware of scam letters and emails sent under the guise of being IP Australia, or asking you to pay money for your trade mark registration as there are several scams online. This article discusses what to watch for so you can be vigilant.

Trade Mark Examiners Manual - Part 62 - Revocation of Registration

The Registrar may revoke the registration of a trade mark where they consider it should not have been registered, but they are not obliged to consider revocation where requested to by the public. Part 62 of the Trade Mark Examiner's Manual goes into...

Trade Mark Examiners Manual - Part 61 - Availability of Documents

Not all documents at IP Australia need to be made available for public access, but most will be. Any person can make a request and no reason is required to be given. Part 61 looks at the process an examiner will follow when a request is made by a m...

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