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Cooling Off Period

You may be entitled to a five-business day cooling off period (unless the Property Occupations Act does not apply – there is a separate video about this in the portal).The cooling off period starts on the day you receive from the seller or the seller...

Residential Tenancy Inquiries

If property is sold subject to an existing residential tenancy we recommend that you instruct us to obtain a copy of the tenancy documents from the seller (preferably before signing the contract) and that the documents be reviewed and enquiries made...

What is the role of the Executor?

An Executor is the person who administers your estate (which means divide up as per your instructions) after you pass away. The Executor may also be is the major beneficiary in the Will.The role of the Executor is to• initially locate your Will whic...

Cheques for Settlement

Under the contract, the seller is not entitled to require payment of the balance purchase price at settlement by means other than bank cheque without your consent.The contract only requires you to pay for bank cheques for the seller and the seller’s...

Enduring Power of Attorney

The Powers of Attorney Act 2003 provides that an enduring power of attorney made in another state or territory is recognised in New South Wales. In fact, provided the Power of Attorney is made in accordance with the requirements of the State in whic...

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