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Employment Agreement - Any Job Type

This employment agreement is the contract between an employer and an employee which makes very clear the terms of employment, duties, leave and superannuation entitlements, salary and probation period and timing of payment of salary.  It pr...

SAFE Instrument

SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) notes are a convertible security that allows the investor to buy shares in a future priced round with the valuation caps as the only negotiable detail. At its simplest, a SAFE enables the Investor to make a...

Share Sale Agreement

This is an unconditional (there are no conditions attached to the transaction) share sale agreement between a buyer and purchaser in which the seller agrees to sell a stated number of shares at an agreed price. This agreement sets out the key ele...

Executive Services Agreement

This document is an employment agreement between the company and the “executive employee” and includes clauses relating to confidentiality, intellectual property and restraints suitable to the commercially sensitive and confidential nature of that em...

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