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Given the laws change from State to State, ensure the State noted above is where you need the document prepared for. You can choose the type of field of law you need help with on the left or if you know what you want, just use the search bar.

Release Form for photographs, audio files, video clips, biographical information, and quotations from interviews

This Document is used when you are wanting to publish photographs, audio files, video clips, biographical information, and quotations from interviews. You are required to get permission from the original owner of the Intellectual Property. 

Licence of Marketing Material

When you’ve come up with creative and performing marketing material, its important that you protect your intellectual property to that material – after all it came from your creativity and needs to stay as one of your assets. If you have been ap...

Licence of Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property is critical to the success of your business as your intellectual property assets (such as trademarks, patents, designs and any copyright in your materials) may well be the most valuable asset in your business....

Licence of Copyright

Protecting your copyright is easy – you don’t have to register it in Australia for protection – just ensure you put the © symbol and then your company name and the year you created the copyright material, i.e. © Law On Earth Pty Ltd 2019. But what a...

Licence of Branding

Do you need to formalize an agreement for someone to use your branding? It may be another business owner who is going to roll out your brand in a different suburb, State or even country! It sure sounds easier than franchising but it’s important to...

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