Anti-Discrimination Disputes
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Back to Basics - Part 2 - Interview Cheatsheet & Onboarding

Recruiting and onboarding a new member to your business is a significant and demanding step, especially for small business owners who oversee it from start to end. There are specific legal requirements surrounding employee entitlements that employer...

General Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is effective in New South Wales even if made in another state or territory, and it ceases to be effective if the Principal loses capacity. The Principal is the person providing the power for someone else to act on his or her beha...

Warning signs when doing due diligence on a business

When buying a business, there are many things to consider and review to ensure you are uncovering any skeletons or issues. Generally, the seller will be quite helpful with any information required as they want the sale to go ahead, however make sure...

Buyer Beware - do your searches!

In Queensland the onus is on a buyer to obtain searches and satisfy itself about the property. There is no obligation on the seller to tell you about the property or any of its defects or other issues, except for limited contractual warranties and s...

Consumers with Disability - Where to go for Advice or Complaints

It’s OK to speak up or complain Governments and service providers have a role to play in supporting people with disability. There are different services available for advice or help depending on the issue. This fact sheet will help you find the right...

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