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Debt Collection Guideline for Collectors & Creditors

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) have produced this guideline. The ACCC and ASIC enforce Commonwealth consumer protection laws, including laws relevant. Part 1...

Outgoings & Adjustments

When you become the owner of the property, you will assume responsibility for all rates and statutory charges payable in relation to the property (including for any outstanding liabilities of the seller). The REIQ contract standard terms provide for...

Trade Mark Examiners Manual - Part 62 - Revocation of Registration

The Registrar may revoke the registration of a trade mark where they consider it should not have been registered, but they are not obliged to consider revocation where requested to by the public. Part 62 of the Trade Mark Examiner's Manual goes into...

What if someone else is using my registered trademark?

In circumstances where a trademark is in danger of being infringed, it is important to take decisive action and enforce your property rights to avoid losing commercial value. If you suspect your intellectual property has been infringed, you should co...

Queensland Residential Conveyancing - Seller’s Warranties

The seller warrants various things that could affect the property, such as correctness of title, capacity to complete, no judgments, orders or writs affecting the property, no unregistered dealings, no notices of body corporate meetings and no obliga...

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