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Trade Mark Examiners Manual - Part 22 - Section 41 - Capable of Distinguishing

An application for registration of a trade mark must be rejected if the trade mark is not capable of distinguishing the applicant’s goods and/or services from the goods and/or services of other persons. Part 22 of the Trade Mark Examiners Manua...

Queensland Retail Shop Leases - Lease Assignment

The Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (“the Act”) introduces certain notice and disclosure requirements regarding the renewal of retail shop leases. Therefore, it is crucial for both landlord and tenant to understand what they need to do in the renewal pro...

Consumer Guarantees - A Guide for Consumers

When you buy goods or services and they break too easily, don’t work or don’t perform as generally expected, you have rights under the law. In this booklet you will find answers to some of the questions most commonly asked by consumers, such as wha...

Guide to Divorce - The Hearing

GUIDE TO DIVORCE IN AUSTRALIA: STEP 3 THE HEARINGLearn more about the Hearing step when getting divorced. This article covers the process, whether you have to attend, what you need to bring, can you bring someone to support you, and other important q...

Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act - your rights and responsibilities

Under the CCA and ACL, you have obligations as a supplier, as well as rights in your capacity as a purchaser of goods and services. You can seek to have an unfair standard form contract declared void by the Courts. You can collectively bargain with...

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