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What is the cost of applying for a trademark?

So you’ve started your business and you’re going to register your intellectual property like your logo or business name. But how much does this cost?There are two parts to the cost of registering a trademark – your legal fees and IP Australia Fees....

Trade Mark Examiners Manual - Part 47 - Procedures for Opposing Registration or Protection

Part 47 of the Trade Mark Examiner's Manual provides for the procedures to be taken by a party opposing a trade mark registration, from filing, to time limits and making documents available to IP Australia to back up the opposition.

Neighbourhood Disputes

Please tell us if you have been told about or been given any copies of documents relating to disputes between the seller and neighbouring property owners about dividing fences or trees. In particular, please tell us if you are aware of any:1. notice...

Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act - your rights and responsibilities

Under the CCA and ACL, you have obligations as a supplier, as well as rights in your capacity as a purchaser of goods and services. You can seek to have an unfair standard form contract declared void by the Courts. You can collectively bargain with...

Directors must exercise caution!

As has been widely reported, both in professional publications and indeed in the general media, in mid-August 2016, the Australian Tax Office and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission conducted raids on a number of business premises, i...

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