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What are you known for and what is the end product?

A health tech business which connects to a health tech platform may fall under Class 9 being a smart watch as a Good. But she should also protect her services of providing nutrition information in the platform which is a Service - so she would also...

Queensland Retail Shop Lease - Assignee Disclosure Statement to Assignor

If you are entering into a lease for a retail shop in Queensland, and taking over the lease from another person or business, you will most likely need to provide to that person an Assignee Disclosure Statement. Section 22B of the Retail Shop Leases A...

Body Corporate Notices

The contract requires the seller to notify you of any notices of body corporate meetings or any resolutions passed at a body corporate meeting after the contract date.If you are materially prejudiced by any resolutions passed after the contract date...

10 critical steps when buying a franchise

So you’ve decided to become a franchisee. That’s great news but let’s take a look at the top 10 things you need to do when buying a franchise:(1) Make sure you have given proper consideration to why you want to be a franchisee. Are you just bored i...

Queensland Retail Shop Leases - Tenant Tips

Entering a retail shop lease is a significant investment decision. We have identified some of the important issues you need to consider when negotiating a lease. Below are some practical tips to avoid you falling into the common pitfalls.• Lease term...

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