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Terminating under the Finance Clause? Look before you leap.

In Queensland, if you terminate your residential property contract under the Finance Clause, you need to be very careful, as there is no simple ‘get out of jail free’ card here. Many buyers try to terminate under Finance for reasons other than a lac...

Installation maintenance and repair services vs goods being installed maintained and repaired

Many people make an error when registering the sub-classes of Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services - especially mechanic businesses. It's important to note that only the car manufacturers would claim class 12 for "Cars" as Goods. Mechanics...

Unfair Contract Terms

This guide will help businesses and legal practitioners understand the unfair contract terms of the Australian Consumer Law. You will learn what an unfair contract term is, and what type of contracts are affected by the law, and see examples of the t...

Consumer Guarantees - A Guide for Consumers

When you buy goods or services and they break too easily, don’t work or don’t perform as generally expected, you have rights under the law. In this booklet you will find answers to some of the questions most commonly asked by consumers, such as wha...

If I have Good and or Services in a class does that cover me for the whole class?

In this video, IP Australia explain that even though you may list something within a certain class, i.e. Class 9, doesn't mean you get registration for the entire class - you only get protection for the items that you select within Class 9. Keep in...

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