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Are prenups worth the paper they’re written on?

Pre-nups in Australia are created in a agreement called a Binding Financial Agreements (“BFA”) which can be used for both married and de facto couples during their relationship to document what they want to happen to their assets in the event that th...

What is required under the SPAM Act

The Spam Act 2003 prohibits the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic messages with an Australian link. What does this mean? Effectively, any message you send that was sent from anywhere Australia-wide or where you request that an...

What happens if I die without a valid Will?

Intestacy is where a person dies without leaving a Will. The person who has passed away is referred to as the “Intestate”. The law sets out that if you die without a Will, an application will need to be made to the Supreme Court by the surviving...

Advanced Care Planning

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) the components of Advanced Care Plan are:• Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) to legally appoint a substitute decision maker• Statement of Choices to provide specific information relating to your wishes and val...

Building Covenants

Are you aware of any building covenants affecting the property or have you signed any document relating to any covenants? If so, please provide us with details and a copy of any documents signed, as these may impact on your proposed use of the prope...

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