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It’s all good until the forest burns down

In the past, some financial planners and accountants have recommended investing in Agricultural Managed Investment Schemes, however in many cases, even where there were potential tax advantages, it was not a good investment for that particular indivi...

How does a vision impaired person sign their Will?

A client who is vision-impaired, and cannot see nor sign the Will, can still have their Will done. There is a process wherein the signing of the Will involves the Attestation clause, which explains how the Will was read and how the Will was signed i...

How does copyright work?

If you’re a business owner, an academic, artist or creative in some way, there’s a good chance that you may well be the owner of original copyright which affords you protection against others using or infringing that copyright in certain circumstance...

Body Corporate Notices

The contract requires the seller to notify you of any notices of body corporate meetings or any resolutions passed at a body corporate meeting after the contract date.If you are materially prejudiced by any resolutions passed after the contract date...

Property Survey

The searches we conduct cannot ascertain if there is:(1) an error in the boundaries/area of the land; or(2) any encroachment onto or from the land.You are entitled to survey the land to establish the location of structures on the land or adjoining la...

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