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Given the laws change from State to State, ensure the State noted above is where you need the document prepared for, or is the State in which your legal issue is happening in. Choose the field of law you need advice on, by clicking on the major advice area headings on the left and then drilling down. Or just use the search bar. Then see below for up to 5 suggested advisors for you to choose from. Feel free to instant chat them to see if they’re the right fit for you.

You may apply for Pro Bono (free) help using Law On Earth; however, case acceptance is based on merit and Advisor availability. If your matter is urgent, probono may not be the best method for you. We cannot guarantee that your request will be accepted, nor the time frame in which you will receive help.
If you urgently need assistance or your request has not been accepted, you have the option to seek paid support through an Advisor using Law On Earth
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