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Given the laws change from State to State, ensure the State noted above is where you need the document prepared for. You can choose the type of field of law you need help with on the left or if you know what you want, just use the search bar.

Release Form for photographs, audio files, video clips, biographical information, and quotations from interviews

This Document is used when you are wanting to publish photographs, audio files, video clips, biographical information, and quotations from interviews. You are required to get permission from the original owner of the Intellectual Property. 

Employment Agreement - Any Job Type

This employment agreement is the contract between an employer and an employee which makes very clear the terms of employment, duties, leave and superannuation entitlements, salary and probation period and timing of payment of salary.  It pr...

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement - Mutual (NDA)

When entering into discussions with another person about an idea you have, or perhaps when selling your business, or engaging someone to coach you in your business, you need to ensure you're protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets. Th...

Executive Services Agreement

This document is an employment agreement between the company and the “executive employee” and includes clauses relating to confidentiality, intellectual property and restraints suitable to the commercially sensitive and confidential nature of that em...

Licence of Trademark

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of trademarking your business name, logo, or some sort of tagline, its important that you continue to protect your intellectual property and have any potential use of the trademark by a person other than you, document...

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