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Given the laws change from State to State, ensure the State noted above is where you need the document prepared for. You can choose the type of field of law you need help with on the left or if you know what you want, just use the search bar.

Simple Loan Agreement - for lending money

You can use this simple loan agreement for any type of loan from one person or entity to another person or entity.  It covers the important items like the amount of the loan;  the interest rate and any default interest rate that might apply...

Reseller License Agreement

Special Disability Trust Deed

The purpose of a Special Disability Trust is to assist carers and immediate family members to make private financial provision for the care and accommodation needs of a family member with severe disability and receive means test concessions.  It...

Independent Contractor Agreement - Web Developer

When engaging an Independent Contractor to assist in your business or charity, it is important to clearly document the agreement between you, to avoid confusion between the parties, and more than anything protect your rights so that they cannot steal...

Start-Up Shareholder's Agreement - With Vesting for Founders

This Start-up Shareholders Agreement (also referred to as a Founders Agreements) is most commonly used where a new company is being formed by two or more co-founders and each co-founder will hold shares in the company. Often co-founders will look to...

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