Law On Earth
Making legal services accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Did you know that around 75% of Australia can’t access legal help when they need it most, either because its too expensive or they live in remote areas. Law On Earth solves this problem.

Law On Earth is a public self-service legal platform where you can learn for free, answer questions to create unique agreements and documents which address your legal issues, and then book a lawyer to review and redraft for around 10% of the usual cost of having a lawyer do the work.

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Comprehensive Learning Centre

FREE access to 1,000s of FAQs around business, family, property, traffic, trademarks, wills, divorce, capital raising, personal injuries, criminal & litigation law

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Collaborative Document Wizard

The Wizard selects the correct clauses for the document to suit your situation, and generates the Human Guide which explains every clause in simple English

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Top Advisors & Experts

Easy access to the most relevant advisor for your situation and location. Or you can search for a specific advisor and even invite them to join the system

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Meet Law On Earth

Why spend thousands having a law firm prepare basic documents and court documents which you could be preparing yourself for a fraction of the cost? The best part is that the system does not just use templates – the document is created specific to you. And then you can get advice on each document.

The advisors can create new clauses and change the wording of the agreement you’ve created during your video sessions, so you’ll have full understanding of what changes were made by watching the video advise sessions again down the track. AND you get professional indemnity insurance covering you.

The Learning Centre is free to use. If you want to create documents, you can buy the document as a one-off, however upgrading to a Premium Account will give you free access to all documents and a 35% discount on advice video sessions.

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Law On Earth Features & Benefits

Making legal services accessible to everyone.

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  • get all Premium Guides for free
  • $20 discount on documents in the platform
  • $30 discount on company incorporation
  • $50 discount on video sessions
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Your benefits
  • Save hundreds on documents and advice sessions
  • Use the free guides to guide you next steps for your particular legal matter
  • You’re not locked in to a plan so you can just get a one month membership whenever you need it
Lord Mayor's Award 2019

Connect to Legal Professionals on Video

Speak with industry experts about your complex legal questions on recorded video sessions for a fixed fee. Ask your questions and have documents reviewed without a surprise legal invoice.

Create Customised Contracts

Use our information portal or let us recommend what documents you'll need to protect yourself. Quickly create and customise your contract and let a lawyer review it.

Online Document Storage

Record, update and save your legal documents with Law on Earth, all your details in one place - easily accessible, safe and secure. Give or stop access to those that need it.

Up-to-date Legal Information

Does the law confuse you? Want to understand your requirements? Jump online to our Learning Centre to access up-to-date information straight from our Lawyers mouths.

Country Specific Documents

Law on Earth is your global passport to ensuring you're always protected. Wherever you are in the world, sleep peacefully knowing you're receiving the right information every-time.

Business Owner Collaboration

We understand the importance of relationships. Connect with business owners around the world, to compare notes, collaborate and partner for global success.

It’s time to upgrade how we access legal advice and stop wasting thousands of dollars. The Law On Earth platform is your very own secure and cost effective doorway to an empowered life – legal advice when you need it on your terms. Transparent pricing where you have the ability to minimize your own expenditure. You’re in control of your future.

It’s about time legal assistance became accessible and affordable. After all, we can deliver pizza with drones now. You’re ready for change and we’re making it happen. Law On Earth helps you manage your legal needs at minimum cost while maintain banking grade security for your recorded video advice sessions, so you can watch them time and time again, and know they are covered by that Advisor’s professional indemnity insurance. The Human Guides will talk you through each class while the other Guides for premium members will teach you how to manage your situation. Maybe you just need to do some research – check out the free Learning Centre!

Law On Earth
for clients

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Law On Earth
for advisors

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Why spend 12 hours a day working in the city when you can run your own practice at home with the kids or while travelling the world, without the fuss of a trust account, marketing, office work or bookkeeping? The system does all the boring stuff including verifying IDs so you can just focus on giving high quality advice to platform users. You can also rely on the videos if there is confusion about what advice was given. You just need 3+ years PAE and your own professional indemnity insurance. Or you may need advice from another lawyer or a precedent for your own firm – we don’t mind. Law On Earth is here for everyone.

Upgrade now for premium benefits which could save you thousands, especially for business owners! The Premium membership pays for itself with just one video advice session.