About Law On Earth

We believe that every human being has a right to a basic level of legal assistance and education. The hard part has been finding ways to pull the cost out of legal and empower the public to manage their own legal needs to the extent they can.

Our founder Katie Richards grew up in a small country town in North Queensland where there was at the time only one law firm so half the town had representation and everyone else had to fend for themselves. Katie has built up a team of lawyers, developers and entrepreneurs who are equally as passionate about making a difference for the masses and giving every Australian the opportunity to live happier, more fulfilled and safer futures with equal access to legal help when they need it most, regardless of where they live or what they earn.

Law On Earth Team

Research indicates that even in 2019, the majority of the world’s population cannot afford or access legal assistance. As a result, people are making decisions involving their legal rights, or making no decisions at all, and this is impacting not only their current life situation but their future also.

To better understand and manage their legal situations, many Australians are looking for answers on Google, but without any idea whether the information they’ve found actually addresses their situation and is relevant to the State of Australia and region their problem is based in, noting many of the laws change from State to State.

By creating the Learning Centre which is geo-tagged, the system can identify where the customer is located and will only provide information that is relevant to that location. By providing both videos and articles, those who have difficulty with reading or are vision-impaired can still access legal information in the videos, and those who are hearing impaired have the articles and infographics.

Lord Mayor's Award 2019

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